Web Design

Our clean simplistic design approach will capture the eye of the audience. Those who are drawn to your site will know to believe in it. We custom-create and implement a boundless variety of enriching content and graphics to enhance your WordPress website.

By envisioning the client’s business model, we design a site that distinguishes the brand and forms its own truly unique and compelling identity. The template selected from Template Monster is used as a starting point to your custom unique design.

Our Process:

wordpressOur approach to web development is to begin with proven technologies. WordPress, TemplateMonster, WP Engine and GoDaddy are are proven and respected services within the web development community. They form the different layers needed to build, design and host the most enticing, flexible and responsive web sites on the web.

We build your site layer by layer beginning with WordPress. We will install WordPress at your host, WP Engine or GoDaddy depending on your specific needs.

TemplateMonster_Partner_logoYou will need to select a template from MonsterTemplate.com. We will assist you in this as it can be an overwhelming task. The template is a starting point for you design. Our goal is to get as many features and styles that you like incorporated in the template. Once the template is selected, we will begin the process of installing it within WordPress.

At this point we are going to migrate your logo, content, graphics and photos into the database. The web site will begin to take shape. But we are really just getting going.

We will have a consultation with you to determine what areas need to be changed, what functionality needs to be added or removed and tweak/change color schemes to meet your needs.

Once we have all of this ironed out, we will meet via an online conference for final approval. After this meeting we will incorporate any items you have outstanding and it is go live time!


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